Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Come see us at Tree City Comicon

Greetings all
Lot's of interesting things are going on with FlameStryke Games (  We have been working hard on Gauntlet of Heroes, and just received our preview boxes with cards, and they look awesome!  We will be submitting our game to ( for a game preview which will happen in the February time frame.  Dice Tower does 1-2 previews per month to their nearly 70,000 YouTube fan base, so we will get some great exposure there as well.

Our Kickstarter campaign will kick off in the February time frame as well.  Given the time of year, with the holidays closing in, we wanted to wait until the new year, and we want this to be the best it can be, and there is no reason to rush things.  The longer we put into the game, with play testing etc., it will only make the game better.

We will be attending Tree City Comicon (, come see us on Saturday, we'll be in the game room demo-ing our game.  We really need your help and opinions, they help us make the game much better.
Check out our web site, we update it regularly and post new card art regularly.  Also, please go to our website and check out our rules and leave your thoughts about what makes sense and more importantly, what doesn't make sense.

That's it for now...we will post an update after we finish with Tree City Comincon.  Thanks and have a great day!

Dave--Flamestryke Games

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