Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We keep moving forward

Well, Tree City Comicon is behind us.  We didn't get nearly enough time there, but we promise, we will be ramping up play testing in the coming months.  We are pretty much ready for the Kickstarter at this point, but with the holidays are quickly approaching, and we know that folks get pretty focused there, so we will take our time to ensure we have everything in place for the Kickstarter in the mid February timeframe.  We will be full speed ahead at Radcon (radcon.org) this time around, and will be directing folks to our Kickstarter page.  We know that so many Kickstarter campaigns promise a release date and often they delay many months before they release.  We want to ensure that our promised release date will be the one we deliver on.

Come check out our Facebook page and like us so you will receive regular updates, as well as new art.  Thanks to all of you who are supporting us, and we look forward to posting more updates in the coming months.

Flame Styke Games

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