Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We are VERY close!

While we haven't posted recently, that does not mean we aren't working.  We are very close to releasing our Kickstarter for Gauntlet of Heroes!  We estimate our Kickstarter will be live in mid to late February.  We will update this blog with all of the active Kickstarter data we will certainly post it here.

We will be offering some very cool support levels, including...
  • A sponsor level to have your portrait in art on a hero card.  This is a huge deal, as there will only be a few choice spots for this.
  • A sponsor level just like the hero, but instead, a villain!  Who doesn't want to be a main antagonist in the game...there will also only be a few choice spots to sponsor.
  • Plus other choices, stay tuned!
We have received several prototypes and play tested them, to really good responses.  Gamers and non-gamers alike have told us the game is both easy to learn, and a "ton of fun" to play.

We have also updated our rules, you can find them on our website (  We are always open to new questions or comments.  Please take a look at our rules and let us know if they make sense.  Our contact data is below...