Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Notes from Salt Lake Comic Con (and plans for Tree City Comic Con)

Well its been a few weeks since Salt Lake Comic Con.  Nothing like 120,000 of your closest friends huddled together for a glimpse of Bruce Campbell and Stan Lee.  At least everyone (well most everyone) showered before showing up.

Couple of Notes from the Con:
Shout outs to several people met at the numerous panels I attended.  Hopefully I didn't bother them too much with all the questions.  These guys were all invaluable and hold tremendous insight and advice to new independent game designers.
 Chris Hoffman (Salt City Strangers)

 Josh Butterfield (Super Showdown and Paranormal Investigation board games) http://www.touchpaperpress.com/

Jeremy Gates (the brains and the math know how to touchpaperpress.com)

These guys also host the UndeadSoup Podcast:  
This Podcast has a lot of awesome information on Independent game publishing and Kickstarter information. Actually they share great information and interviews with all kinds of independent publishers, writers, and game designers.  You need to check it out!

These guys were beyond fantastic and gave me several hints and ideas for a successful Kickstarter for Gauntlet of Heroes.

In addition, another shout out to Michael Mindes and Daniel Hadlock from Tasty Minstrel Games. http://playtmg.com/
Thanks for the time!

On other notes, we continue to get amazing artwork done by Giulio Fanfori.  I think you will all be surprised and impressed when the art comes out!
Dave and I are planning on showing up at Tree City Comic Con  http://treecitycomiccon.com/
on October 17th and 18th.  Find us and get in a game.  I am sure you will win.  In all of our play-testing, I have yet to win a single game.  (I have heard other game designers have this same "problem")
You can help us play test and have some fun with us!
Until Next time,

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